Experts offer student tips for success in school

Conrad Hogg starts his first day of school as he walks to the bus.

Conrad Hogg walks eagerly to the bus starting his first day of school.


Going back to school can be nerve racking enough with new faces, new teachers and a new building, but it also comes with new commitments, deadlines and stresses.

Sheridan College has a variety of services that help with academic progression, preparation and guidance.

To maintain good grades and a balance between school and outside commitments such as work, Sheridan has Student Advisors that work with students to help them find their way with school and the options they have in making their education flexible and efficient.

“Overall, we encourage students to contact the Student Services Centre for any questions related to Sheridan,” said coordinator of Student Advisement, Joanne Islip.

Student advisors make it a priority to keep you on track with your school work and offer help anywhere they can.

“Our team connects students with the people and support they need,” said Islip

Sheridan provides a number of services to help with personal counselling as well as working to meet academic goals.


According to the Sheridan website, the Student Advisement Centre can help in the areas of:

  • adjusting to college life and to the academic program
  • access all the Sheridan information they need to make appropriate decisions
  • connect to Advisors when experiencing difficulties or concerns

“It’s our job to encourage students to talk with their faculty and use the additional on-campus services to be successful in their programs,” said Islip.

This isn’t the only service available to students.

Sheridan also provides a counselling service for those who wish to talk about non-school related things.

This service is available to all students and can be found on the Sheridan website, where they can find out more on how to get in contact with a counselor and the ways they can assist students.

While Sheridan provides a number of services for students, some of them also have tips of their own to stay on top of their education.

“Student Services is super helpful but after first year, I also learned some tricks of my own to help with staying ahead in school,” said Kendra Lutely an Early Childhood Education student.

Students come up with their own ways to keep themselves on top off assignments after learning from experience.

“Personally, I make a calendar for each month just so I can kind of keep an eye on the projects I have coming up and when I should start them,” said Lutely.

Students say that the key idea is to start as soon as you get an assignment so that you can keep yourself ahead.

“One big tip is to always start like the day you get an assignment because you will procrastinate,” said Mercedes Promny, a Photography student.

According to, students should spend a little time each week to reorganize and go over what is due for the next couple of days.

This can help familiarize with what needs to be done and to remember to do it.

“For first-year students, college deadlines can seem overwhelming and intimidating, that’s why you should pay attention because you will thank yourself later,” said Lutely.

If any students wish to contact Student Services or counselling, the Trafalgar office is located in B wing in room B104 or by phone at 905-845-9430, extension 2557.

Students can call to book an appointment or visit the front desk in person.

Student advisement is open Monday to Friday from 8a.m. to 5p.m..

Drop-ins are open from 10a.m.-4p.m..

All information on student services, counselling and advisement can be found on under “Life at Sheridan” in the sub heading “Student Advisement”.

To go right to Student Advisement, CLICK HERE.