Pros give students tips on modelling

“Running Water” taken by Yifan Xu with model Darcy Hubscher.

“Running Water” taken by Yifan Xu with model Darcy Hubscher.


While everyone wants to be noticed at least once in a while, some plan on making it a career.

For those getting started in the modelling industry, It can be hard to know where to go and how to be smart.

Cyryn Fyrcyd of Stratford, Ont., a freelance model and photographer, offers some tips to keep in mind while searching for the right opportunities.

“Do your research for sure, because people can sometimes have an ideal picture of what modelling is like and they may or may not get kind of disappointed,” said Fyrcyd.

Most talent agencies have a strict image when looking for new faces to represent them but Fyrcyd says not to get discouraged.

“You need to have thick skin. That’s the reality of it, because people can be mean and that does not mean you should give up because of it,” said Fyrcyd.


Cassandra Raven is a freelance model working in the GTA who has first-hand experience with having to be resourceful when looking for work.

“I would say the first thing I did was look online for photographers willing to shoot my photos and also that had a good reputation so I could build my portfolio to look professional,” said Raven. “I went on and tried to build a network with photographers.”

Modeling can seem like it is all glamour and a fancy lifestyle, but there’s a darker side that aspiring models should beware of before jumping into a job.

“I have been in photo shoots where the guy shooting was a bit too touchy and wasn’t very polite or approachable,” said Raven.

Models need to have a voice and be heard when working with anybody for their safety as well as their comfort. If you can’t trust the team, you need to move on according to

Fyrcyd explains that once you’ve found your niche, getting work becomes a lot easier because the portfolio will reflect your strengths.

“Your portfolio is what sells you, once that is made up of shoots you enjoy and can do properly, paid work can be easier to come by,” said Fyrcyd.

A model wanting to be involved with an agency will likely have to appear at what is called a ‘go see’. This is when a model or aspiring model takes headshots and portfolio pictures to an agency.

The company will look at the model’s potential and qualifications to make sure they have had experience as well as a natural talent.

“A ‘go see’ is what will help you to better understand your strengths and weaknesses and to hear some critiques,” said Raven.

Jenni Labaj, a former model and a Police Foundations student at Davis Campus, says it’s important to have a good idea of what you’re going to be getting into.

“You should have all the answers before you start because you don’t want to start with an expectation only to be disappointed,” said Labj.

Modelling can be dangerous in terms of health as well.

Some agencies request that models be a very tiny size and weight, which can be unhealthy.

Labaj also says that when you are first starting out, it’s a good idea to know what’s more important when it comes to health.

“I was told my Size 0 wasn’t thin enough, so I left the agency and stopped modelling,” said Labaj.

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