Have autism and facing challenges in life? Come talk about it at FACEIT!


IMG_0043Need someone to talk to about the difficulties of autism? Need someone who would understand you? Well, then join the Friends Accepting Challenges and Endeavoring to Improve Themselves (FACEIT) club that is run by Tae Hwang and Janice Galloway.

Every Thursday, the FACEIT club meets in the Student Union Clubs room at Trafalgar Campus from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. or at Davis Campus on Wednesdays.

Before Hwang and Galloway arrive, the members can work on schoolwork, play games, show off their work, or have small talk.

When Hwang and Galloway come in, they encourage members to talk about any new challenges they have faced, or share something big in his or her life, or ask if there are any problems someone is facing.

If someone were facing a problem, both the staff and the students would often pitch in with advice on how to deal with the problem. They do not judge the person for whatever they are facing.

FACEIT also holds events such as movie dates or a big going-out event when the semester ends, like a group lunch.

“The best thing about this,” says member Alex Pedace, “is interacting with the other kids that have disabilities like autism.”