Homecoming 2015: Rugby


The Sheridan Bruins women’s rugby team (3-1 OCAA) trounced Mohawk College 49-0 Saturday at Homecoming 2015.

The Lady Bruins scored nine tries and two conversions, clinching a playoff spot with their big win.

This has been the Bruins’ most successful season since the women’s rugby program started four years ago. The progress was clear in their performance on Saturday.

“Our scrums looked good, nice and low, our rucks were very aggressive, we stole a few of their rucks, which means the girls were really getting low and driving well,” head coach Tamara Dixon said after the game. “We secured all of our lineouts, and all of our scrums as well and the penalty count was very low.”

The Bruins were the opener for homecoming this weekend and they certainly led the charge with their big win against the Mountaineers. With their third win this season they officially secured a playoff spot for the first time in Sheridan’s rugby history.

“Today is a very special game because now we are officially in the playoffs, third place, the first rugby team to ever make playoffs for Sheridan. It feels good to make some history today,” said Dixon.

The women played a near perfect game for a rowdy home crowd.

Carly Donaldson led the Bruins with two tries and two conversions for a total of 14 points. Donaldson was awarded the OCAA athlete of the week as a result of her performance against Mohawk. Khadeisha Thompson and Stormm Cerrelli both scored two tries each, followed by Storme Winn, Leah Avila and Jessica MacNeil each adding a try of their own.

“It felt good to score in today’s game. It was hard fought for sure,” said Thompson. “Everybody played as a team, 15 as one rugby.”

The entire team was happy with the outcome at homecoming.

“We came out hard and ready to win. We worked on everything that we said we would at practice,” said Winn. “It felt good. Our goal now is to stay focused, keep up our work on defence and get the win at our next game.”

Despite their performance against the Mountaineers, the Bruins still have some improvements in mind for their next game against Conestoga College on Oct. 13.

“We’re going to work on third and fourth phases on defence,” said Dixon. “After a few phases we tend to get disorganized on defence. Conestoga is a team that’s faster and more organized, so we will have to get more organized ourselves and play more defence against them.”






The Sheridan Bruins men’s rugby team (0-4 OCAA) were held without a try in a 27-6 loss against the Mohawk Mountaineers on home turf at Homecoming 2015 on Saturday.

“I was happy with the effort that our guys put out,” said head coach Carlos Moniz. “I’m also happy with the series of plays that we were able to put together. In the scrums, we played amazingly well. Our backs played well defensively but offensively we still have lots of work to do.”

The Double-Blue had the talent to get off to a strong start but according to Moniz, the team’s lack of aggressiveness and leadership cost them the match. A few individual efforts kept the Bruins in the game.

“We played a good game. We played tough, strong. We kept it together and had some good pushes and some nice runs. We just couldn’t get it done in the end,” said Jad Hamade, who had all six points for the Bruins.

The team’s talent was prevalent throughout the contest but technical knowledge of the game lacked and ultimately held the squad back from scoring.

“We need to work on our ball-handling, getting the ball out wide, keeping control and just score,” said Hamade. “We need to keep practising and work as a team. There are too many guys who are playing an individual game but we need to be a team. If we do that then we can compete.”

Without a win this season, Moniz attributes the series of losses to a young and inexperienced Bruins team.

“Of those 15 guys who started for us on the field, I believe 13 of them are freshmen,” Moniz said. “Our guys haven’t played as many games, haven’t been in many situations and don’t know how to react, so the leadership isn’t there. We don’t have the enough of the veterans to pick our guys when we make mistakes.”

The Bruins will compete for their first win of the season at Conestoga on Oct. 13.