What is Decode Adventures


Decode Adventures is a facility specializing in puzzle rooms designed to test the abilities and cooperation of a team in order to escape. Teams are comprised of four to eight individuals, either friends, family, coworkers, or complete strangers.

Customer satisfaction appears to be positive, according to Kristianne Veloso, Game coordinator and receptionist, who said, “I guess it’s the satisfaction they have that they worked to that point.”

Players have 45 minutes to win and each room is designed and themed differently, with varying focuses. For example, De Code the Child’s Play is a medium level room, which has players searching the room for an object; strong observational skills are key to solving the puzzle. Meanwhile, Board game Adventure is more difficult, requiring less teamwork and more focus on observation and correlating information.

The managerial staff are passionate about their work. Team lead, Sam Park said, “Joe and Leanne, they’re entrepreneurs.” Park described one of the head managers, Joe, by saying, “he’s versatile,” and his plan is to make Decode, “a one-stop entertainment facility.”

There is a spacious café and board game area within the facility where players can wait while the rest of their team arrives. Sticking around just to play a board game with friends is also an option.