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In a weekly television drama featuring witty dialogue and talented cast members, it would be hard to imagine the real star –earmuffs.

But the odd fashion accessory arguably steals the spotlight in Ryan Murphys’s new cult gem Scream Queens.

Murphy (creator of the American Horror Story anthology series, Glee) has added to his resume, with this unique blend of comedy-horror. The central plot revolves around a murder mystery set at a college sorority house.

Though the show features a superb cast such as iconic “scream queen” Jamie Lee Curtis, Glee’s Lea Michelle, and modern scream queen Emma Roberts, its true star power comes not from the actors, but from the seemingly odd fashion accessory.

On Scream Queens the character of Chanel #3 (a minion of Robert’s Chanel # 1) is almost never spotted without a par of earmuffs on, regardless of temperature or setting.

Chanel #3 is portrayed by newcomer actress Billie Lourd (her only other acting credit is a soon to be little film, titled Star Wars: The Force Awakens).

Behind the scenes, Billie Lourd was chosen to wear earmuffs due another Star Wars connection.

Lourd’s real life mother is Carrie Fisher, portrayer of Princess Leia in the original and forthcoming trilogies.

The earmuffs started out as a playful jest to the classic Princess Leia hairstyle. In later episodes the quirky accessory’s presence is explained (no spoilers).




Earmuffs are no new thing, having been around for over 140 years.

As a rule, earmuffs were designed obviously for warmth and comfort, without forgoing total hair and head coverage.

They allow the wearer relative fluidity in trading hairstyles with minimal damage.

With the temperatures quickly plunging, it only makes sense to hop on this quirky, yet surprisingly fashion foreword look.

Major retailers (Zara, Ardene, Indigo, American Apparel, and Amazon) are all sporting various options that won’t break your bank.

If you’re not one to shudder at the thought of second hand, head over to any thrift store.

Opt for a simple black pair, or go big (like Chanel #3) and jazz those babies with lace, studs, and whatever else floats your boat.

Though whether Scream Queens will survive to see future television seasons (ratings haven’t been terribly astonishing), there’s little doubt that at least, it may encourage this delightful trend.

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