Murder mystery game at Trafalgar Residence

Who done it?



Who done it?

That was the big question asked by students during the week while taking part in the Sheridan Residence Murder Mystery. Who murdered Kat for not signing in at the front desk? Who killed Greg Liou for drinking in the elevator? And who bumped off Lauren Bennett for leaving food and a working oven unattended? Just who is the ‘Rule-Breaker Murderer?’

From Nov. 16-19, students at the Trafalgar Residence took part in the murder mystery. After watching videos of the crimes, students tried to figure out the motives behind the crimes with clues, and the identity of the killer.

The mystery was separated into four episodes that were filmed in advance by staff. Every night, a new episode would be shown, along with a recap screening of previous episodes.

The crime was solved on the final night, followed by a celebration of pizza and drinks. The residence revealed who the murderer was, and why the crimes were committed.