Adele says Hello to the world

The cover of the new Adele album - "25"

The cover of the new Adele album, 25.


After five years of growth, Adele is back to say “hello” to fans with a new release.

Transitioning from strictly pop music, 25 has a R&B vibe. It can be viewed as a transitional point for Adele as she is stepping into the light for the first time in years. Featuring a blend of fresh and familiar sounds, the release features 11 new songs – including “Hello”.

Since her debut album 19, Adele has been writing chart-topping singles such as “Chasing Pavements” and “Rolling in the Deep” and has been known for her heart-wrenching ballads about loss of love, and heart-break.

Long-time listeners of Adele may recall the anger and pain laced in her lyrics, and though she sticks to similar topics, a sense of maturity can also be felt.

She stays true to her ballad style, belting out long notes with strong vibrato in the tracks “When we were Young” andRiver Lea”, which features background music that recalls Adele’s previous works.

Longtime Adele fans will be happy with the continuity from her first two installments. The works could be thought of as a trilogy – sharing the theme of age and personal growth.

New listeners will find songs that experiment with alternative styles and moods. “Send all my Love (To your new Lover)” is refreshingly upbeat, featuring positive messages of self-acceptance.

“Send all my love you your new lover/Treat her better/we gotta let go of all of our ghosts/we both know we ain’t kids no more.”

Set to a catchy beat and uplifting guitar, the song shows a shift in Adele’s attitude towards life and love. It suggests she has found a place of peace and acceptance.

However, much of the album echoes the sombre tone of past works, expressing a sense of loss and confusion. It’s clear Adele still has very strong feelings about past events, which she continues to reflect in song.

“Million Years Ago” is a spine-chilling, stripped-down lullaby accompanied by acoustic guitar. The simplicity of the track stands out in its slow and contemplative pace. In addition, the background humming featured on a few of the tracks gives the songs a mystical and timeless feel.

Following the success of Hello, a lot of noise has been buzzing about Adele in the media. SNL uploaded a Thanksgiving-themed skit featuring Hello, and Adele herself appeared in a video for BBC news, in which she disguised her appearance to participate in an Adele impersonator audition.

Adele also opened up to the world about her struggles and insecurities as a musician during her segment on Australia’s 60 minutes. Having been out of the spotlight for many years, she explains how she spent the time focusing on family and her personal life.

Within the liner notes of 25, a simple thank you can be found addressed to family, friends and fans for being patient and loving with her.

And the fans? They’re clearly still devoted. Some 2.3 million copies of her new release sold in the United States in the first three days it was available.