Dealing with End of Term Stress

The four ways to lower stress so you can finish the term



Christmas and the end of the fall term are rapidly approaching. All over the school, the Christmas spirit is being shown: event posters on the walls, Christmas trees at the residence buildings, and garland decorating the book store windows. However, most students do not hear the sleigh bells ringing.

Instead, those students hear things like ‘Exams coming up’ or ‘Final projects have to be done’.

It’s only natural: The end of the term is coming up.

All that worry leads to something else: stress. And too much stress can affect the students negatively.

Thankfully, there are ways to deal with the stress.

  • Meditation: It helps clear the mind of everything, and makes the person feel more calm and at ease.
  • Exercise: Getting active helps relieve some of the stress by loosing up the body, and letting one blow off some steam. Try using a punching bag, or throwing a ball hard against the wall to get out the frustrations.
  • Go to a quiet place, and then image yourself at another location, such as the beach, or a meadow.
  • Try to manage your time on assignments wisely. For example, spend one hour doing one part of a project, then the next doing another part.