Toronto Christmas Market comes to light


The Distillery Historic District is full of lights and food and entertainment, as the Toronto Christmas Market gives shoppers an early start to the holidays.

“This is my first time here with my kid,” said John Choi, a Toronto resident who was at the market Saturday with his wife and son. “They’ve been on the carousel and Ferris wheel and still have a ton of energy. But it’s great. Christmas gets everyone excited, so coming here with the family is awesome.”

Visitors can purchase all kinds of Christmas merchandise and gifts, including traditional pieces such as crib figurines, woodcarvings, handmade ornaments, toys, candles and holiday collectibles.

The festival also has an array of food samples, including tasty mulled wine and the baked goods that add a touch of sweetness on a chilly winter day. The smell of roasted nuts, barbecued sausages and other delicious foods adds to the overall atmosphere.

The vendors and stands have everything from international products to international food. With a turkey leg in one hand and a warm cup of cider in the other, guests enjoyed the paradise of lights and festivities while snacking on foods from around the world. Entertainment ranged from instrumental bands to choirs and dance groups. Christmas carolers joined together to practice their harmonies; they will take part in the Mill Street World Caroling Challenge Dec. 20, the final day of the market.

Some visitors stayed true to the Christmas season with festive clothes. Traditional English Christmas outfits were worn by a group of young adults.

“A bunch of us come every year and dress up in festive clothes,” said Rachel Commodore, a Toronto resident. “We get our picture taken a lot and people give us compliments on our outfits.”

The festival offers many activities that can be shared among friends and family, whether you’re browsing for foreign products, taking a ride on the carousel, or sharing a delectable treat from one of the vendors.

“I’d say anybody should come see this at least once,” said Choi. “If there are families visiting from other countries, they should all come and see this place. I’m not big on crowds but for this kind of place, I can look past it.”