Benefits of owning a pet


Pet ownership can be beneficial to your heart.

Dogs can be a wonderful thing to come home to after a long day at school or work. I should know. I have a dog. My favourite thing about coming home is knowing the second I open the door to my apartment, she’s there at the front door with her tail wagging waiting for me to pick her up. Now while owning a dog is not cheap, it can also be very exciting. So what are the benefit of owning a dog?

According to, the benefits of pet ownership are numerous. They can help lower blood pressure and reduce hypertension in the heart by the mere act of petting them. It also strengths the bond between the owner and the animal. They can also lessen anxiety by creating a feeling of peace. I enjoy petting my dog because it helps me calm down after being in motion at school all day.

They can also help with making love connections. This means there’s a possibility of meeting people who also have a dog or a similar interest in dogs.  They can help out with easing the problems with social isolation and shyness. They also have benefits for people with Alzheimer’s by helping to reduce their anxious outbursts.

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Lily, a Shih Tzu (Photograph by Greg Lowenthal)


While there are challenges associated with owning a dog, like visits to the vet and grooming, it also has its rewards. For me, there is nothing more pleasurable than holding my dog and letting her lick my face as her way of letting me know she missed me. Plus, I know she loves me unconditionally and most times just wants me to pay attention to her. But according to, a dog can also ease the pain of depression by simply being a companion and listening to  problems the person might have without judgment. They can also create a better social life by encouraging the owner to get outside and meet people with dogs.

According to, two of the biggest health benefits include reduced allergies symptoms (which was always thought to not be true due to the breed of dog) and improves heart health by lowering the risk of heart issues. The way allergy symptoms can be reduced is by allowing a child to grow up around a dog.