Finding calm in a pink salt cave


Walking into the pink, dimly lit salt cave you feel as if you’re experiencing a tropical retreat away from the outside world.

The relaxing atmosphere from the waterfall and reclining wooden chairs makes it comfortable enough for anyone to fall asleep as the soothing sounds of a rainforest play throughout the room.

Pink Himalayan salt light (The Sheridan Sun / Photography by Nicole Calhau)

Pink Himalayan salt light
(Photo by Nicole Calhau/The Sheridan Sun)

Solana Salt Cave in Oakville helps cleanse the body by getting rid of bacteria and mucus using the Himalayan salts that fill up the entire room.

Stepping on the little pebble sized salts can be harsh on the soles of the feet, which is why finding a chair quickly will help lessen the sensation of walking on pointy salts.

The perks that come with sitting in a room filled with Himalayan salts are to relieve congested airways, to prevent asthma attacks and to boost the immune and respiratory system.

It’s also completely safe for anyone including pregnant women and children to enjoy the small cave.

The cave serves a natural, drug-free solution for many health problems for only two sessions of 50 minutes each, sometimes more depending on the person.

Sitting in the microclimate for only 30 minutes people can feel the difference with their breathing or make them feel like they’re sitting at their favourite beach without the crowd or children running around.

Owner Aurelia Grela says people can also purchase Himalayan salts and put them into the bath for a better effect.“Your skin will be absorbing the benefits of the salts, or you can purchase it to cook with,” Grela said.


Himalayan salt contains with iodine, magnesium and potassium that flows in the atmosphere of the cave. The minerals found in these salts are small enough for the cells in our bodies to absorb them.

Things could get boring sitting there for 50-minute intervals but the spa does offer yoga and pilates that take place inside the cave.

They also have an array of other services like Thai message and reflexology, but outside the cave and inside private rooms.

This spa gives its customers an experience they don’t find everyday.

How often do you come across a cave covered in pink salt?

The cave is perfect for anyone looking to escape from the world and relax in a calming environment.

The only thing it needs is a pair of spa slippers to get around those pointy salts on the floor.