Jumping on the Star Wars bandwagon


It’s a cool movie.

It’s a cool series.

You have to admit, Star Wars is one of the most popular series of the last 40 years. With top notch effects, an interesting story and lines we’ll remember until we’re old and grey, there’s no wonder that even before it became “mainstream”, it had a fanbase of millions of people.

With The Force Awakens released almost two months ago, the Star Wars franchise was revamped and became more popular than ever.

You can’t walk three feet in a shopping mall without seeing some product with Kylo Ren, Rey or Han Solo slapped on it.

And more and more people are jumping on the Star Wars fan base ever since the release.

Some long time fans are complaining about the sudden change in popularity, worrying that the sudden increase in followers might prompt movie directors to start deviating from the original script.

Photo credit: Entertainment Weekly

Han Solo is one of the more popular characters of the series, even among non-fans.

Some are just mad that people who are starting to like it now that it’s “popular”.

I, for one, am thrilled.

It has been ages since I last talked to a schoolmate about Star Wars, because in public school, I was the one kid who liked Star Wars – as far as I know, anyways.

Like, really liked Star Wars. I’ve dressed up as Princess Leia, Padmé Amidala and Obi-Wan Kenobi for Halloween, I had not one, but two battery operated glow up lightsabers, and don’t even get me started on the action figures and novelizations.

This new Star Wars hasn’t gotten people this excited since the release of the first prequel, The Phantom Menace.

Many people thought the prequels flopped (some fans refuse to even accept the fact that they existed), which is probably why there was so much concern over this new movie.

But it was a hit, and I encourage people to jump on this new bandwagon that is the Star Wars fandom.

You may be almost 40 years late in the process, but it’s okay to join in on something just because it’s popular.

That’s the whole reason why people like some of the things that they like: they hear about it on TV or from a friend and go decide to check it out themselves.

The Star Wars universe is a vast one, spawning movies, books, clothing and spinoff cartoons.


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Some people saw it because their friend or partner dragged them along.

Some people saw the movie because they thought Oscar Isaac was hot, and let’s admit it, he kind of is.

Just because you haven’t been here from the beginning doesn’t mean that you’re any less a fan than the people who have.

No matter what the reason was for you to go see The Force Awakens, if you truly enjoyed the movie and it inspired you to go and discover the fandom that is Star Wars, you are a true fan.

And no one can tell you otherwise.