Straight from the Heart


If 100 people were asked to define love, there would likely be 100 different answers.

From how we are brought up and the love that we’ve observed, to the relationships that we’ve had ourselves, every moment molds our idea of what love really is, or what it’s supposed to be.

Oxford dictionary defines love as “a strong feeling of affection.” Though this may be the closest way of defining love in words, it barely does it justice.

There is a reason that nearly every book, movie, scripture, and song includes a love story of some sort. It’s a complex, confusing, beautiful thing that people are always trying to decode and understand how it changes and grows and fades every moment.

So instead of a universal definition scribbled onto a dictionary page, love is given a million poems and songs. We share what love is to us through art, music and our actions every singly day.

From two married couples, a long-distance relationship, a single man, and two long-term couples, we learn that there is no way to truly define love except by our own words.