Fuller House has big shoes to fill

The cast of Fuller House (Photography from Netlfix)

The cast of Fuller House (Photography from Netflix)


“A revival of Full House?” You got it dude!

‘90s sitcoms seem to be on the rise, whether it’s old shows being added to Netflix such as Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, rumours of reunions such as Friends, or revivals like Girl Meets World.

Netflix has confirmed that Full House will be joining the club with Fuller House, set for a Feb. 26 release.

The Tanners are back, along with Kimmy Gibbler. The new plot surrounds DJ Tanner, who is widowed (very similar beginning to Full House) and the family is coming together to help raise her family.

Full House has filled many hearts with nostalgia, but has also hit many milestones as a sitcom. The show about three men, raising three girls (always a bit borderline creepy) also started conversations about same-sex couples and gender equality.

Even though the show is what jump-started the Olsen Twins’ successful careers, according to IMDB, they will be the only original cast members not coming back.

This may be a letdown to many young girls who grew up with Michelle Tanner and idolized the Olsen twins.

The good news is that many of the other original cast members are coming back as regulars or just for cameos. So fans can expect to see Uncle Jesse and Joey joking around, and Danny Tanner giving his daughters much needed advice.

Even with the original cast, the show will face some difficulties. Previous revivals such as Boy Meets World’s reboot, Girl Meets World, have been somewhat successful, but its fans aren’t its original. Because it’s on the Disney Channel, most of its viewers are younger.

This is because of time passing. Many are interested in the plot continuing, but sometimes the characters people grew up watching are not as relatable. While we would all like to know what the characters of Friends are doing, an entire season of them living separately and acting responsibly might not make for must-see viewing.

People enjoyed watching the Tanner girls facing obstacles as they grew older or heartbreaker Uncle Jesse learn to settle down, but not as many are interested in watching them as adults.

It’s originally a family show, so it should interest all members of the family.

While the series was unique at the time because it was rarer to see same-sex parents or extended family living together, shows like Modern Family have made these themes common.

Luckily, the older original cast members including Bob Saget and Candace Cameron-Bure will bring nostalgic fans back. While the returning Blake and Dylan Tuomy-Wilhoit, will bring in old and new fans because as Uncle Jesse would say, “have mercy.”


The recent release of the Fuller House Trailer has fans talking. The trailer features what fans are calling Comet 2.0, a small puppy that looks just like Comet, stating how they never thought about how much time has passed until thinking about how Comet is longer with the family. It also explains Michelle Tanner’s absence, which many fans are not happy about. Overall, it seems like Full House fans are excited to see where the new show will go.

However, fans have their worries. Blogs and tweets have expressed concerns of the revivals’ target audience. Some are worried that it will be too immature, driving away the older fans, while others are worried that the tone will be too serious or the jokes could be too racy for their children to watch.

Full House did cover serious topics such as the Tanner girls’ mother passing away, but it was still light. It also wouldn’t be staying true to its sitcom roots if there aren’t some racy jokes here and there.

Reboots tend to fall back on their original show for viewers, but it’s been done enough now that fan can see past this ruse.

Fuller House has a strong platform to be successful, but for it to reach its full potential it can’t be a knockoff of Full House. If people wanted to watch that, they would just stream it themselves. It must have its own developing plot with triumphs and hardships.

For Fuller House to be as popular as its predecessor, it needs to make sure it retains the same spirit and maturity, but also keeps up with the times.

It needs to find a way to be a unique show that maybe brings up topics that need to be talked about in today’s society, as well as keeping its good sense of humour.

Fuller House sounds promising, let’s just hope it’s fulfilling.