Student lives dream on stage with Arkells

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Courtesy of John Muirhead’s Facebook.


When Western University music and business student John Muirhead, 20, sent a casual tweet to his favourite band, little did he know they would invite him up on stage for a song.

On Sept. 11, Western University hosted a free welcome back outdoor concert called Purple Fest for all Western students. The concert featured The Darcys, Arkells and a local Western band, Five Oceans.

On the day of the concert Muirhead was scrolling through the Arkells page and tweeted them jokingly asking if he could play guitar for the band. To his surprise the Arkells replied, asking him to cover one of the bands songs, “Private School boy”. Muirhead recorded a video of himself playing the tune and sure enough they told him to be ready. “When I saw that they replied, I went nuts!” Muirhead said.

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Muirhead lived a musician’s dream, getting up on stage with an artist that influences and inspires him. He said the experience was incredible.

“It was such a thrill to get up there with a band that I’ve been a huge fan of for years. So much of their music means so much to me. There was so much energy onstage and I was able to have a moment with every member of the band which was really cool.”

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In Muirhead’s spare time he travels around in Ontario playing folk music. Read more about John Muirhead at his website.