Students concerned about HMC2 delay

Construction on the outside of HMC2. (Photo by Olivia Pulham/The Sheridan Sun)

Construction of HMC2 will be continuing until January. (Photo by Olivia Pulham/The Sheridan Sun)


Some Sheridan students in programs moving to Hazel McCallion Campus Phase 2 are stressing out over the construction delay.

According to the college’s president, the delay is due to many factors out of Sheridan’s control, including slower than expected construction. The original move-in date of September is now pushed back to January.

“We had built a plan that saw not just the transitioning of programs, but the growth of programs and the introduction of new programs, spaces to accommodate growth and the ability for us to intake more students,” said Sheridan President Jeff Zabudsky at a town hall meeting on Monday. “Our development partner (Infrastructure Ontario) never truly got that. For them the priory has always been low costs.”

Sheridan gave each student whose program is moving to HMC2 a $500 bursary to help  with the cost of travel or other inconveniences that came with the delay.

Kayla Craig, a student in first year of Bachelor of Interior Design, says that she found the bursary to be beneficial. “It paid for my parking for the year,” said Craig.

She said that the delay is stressful because she wants to get involved at Trafalgar but worries she will lose the connections when she moves to HMC2.

Many students rented apartments in Mississauga in anticipation of having classes there in the fall.

Sheridan has tripled the frequency of free shuttle buses for the fall term. Buses directly going between HMC, Davis Campus and Trafalgar Campus have been added to make the commute easier.

Angelique Flores, second year Bachelor of Interior Design, says that her commute from her house in Mississauga to HMC would have been 17 minutes but with the delay it is now an hour or more to Trafalgar.

“The commute time definitely makes my schedule a lot more complex. I have to wake up at 5 a.m. to arrive to my 8 a.m. classes on time,” said Flores. “I’m also supposed to move houses in Brampton later this year, and my commute is going to be about an hour and a half to two hours long.”

She also said that waking up so early makes her tired and finds it hard to pay attention in her classes

More information and an updated schedule on Sheridan’s shuttle bus is on the college’s site.