Top 3 things to do in Quebec City

Marie-Therese's one year old baby having the time of his life

Typical bus boys that have an hour to put on the show of their life every hour

Beautiful castle that can be seen looking over the downtown

Classical Meat Pie dish found in a local Quebec restaurant


Quebec is known for their horse rides that tour the whole city

A nice Irish bar/restaurant found right downtown Quebec

Le Petit-Champlain district street, that is walked by thousands of people every day

Some of the many post cards that are found in this province

Jacques Cartier statue, one of the most beautiful ones in Quebec

Front angle of the Champlain Monument found downtown Quebec

Side angle of the wonderful downtown statue seen in the middle of the park

Family pictures being taken right after the wedding with the beautiful view of the water

Marie-Therese on her first dance as a newly married women

Beautiful picture of the downtown harbour looking over the water

The newly married couple, Jean Michele and Marie-Therese

The cannons in downtown Quebec that guard the whole city

Open-Faced sandwiches found at La Belle Province

Local downtown salad found at again Chez Gaston

Breakfast fish from Cochon Dingue

After party at the museum before all the fun happened

Cute little cousins showing some love for the camera and smiling for their aunts wedding


Quebec City is one of the most historic and magnificent places to visit in all of North America, dating back to 1608 when Quebec City was a newly discovered colony founded by Samuel de Champlain. Visitors from all over the world come to see its beauty, architecture and history.

The Sheridan Sun recently toured this amazing city and discovered the three best things to do: visit many of the magnificent restaurants to try all kinds of delicious food, view the spectacular history while touring the cobblestone streets and attend a church service in one of the many historical churches.


The food in Quebec City

Quebec City has wonderful local cuisine for all tastes and ages, but some of the favourites are of course crèpes, poutine, pizza and open-faced submarines. Probably the most famous of those dishes is poutine, with its delicious gravy, fresh cheese curds and home cut fries. At such places as Frite Alors, Chez Gaston and Snack Bar Saint-Jean, poutine is the specialty and is visited daily by happy travellers and regular customers.

At La Belle Province home of some of the biggest and greatest sandwiches in the country, a worker was asked what makes this place so great. “Our food is original, made fresh right when ordered and can fill anyone up with the many beautiful tastes that happen in one sandwich!” Le Crêpe Breton is one of Quebec’s oldest creperies where diners will always have their needs for magnificent French cuisine filled.

The culture of Quebec City

Quebec City is more than 400 years old and its culture, history are a huge attraction, while walking downtown or going in stores, down by the water and seeing the ships or even walking on the many tiny narrow original streets in this city, you can discover so much about its beginning. A resident who has lived in Quebec City for more than 65 years said, “This is my home and I am never leaving this place. With all the festivals and celebrations that go on around here and all the culture we have, it just puts a smile on my face everyday as I walk around. I believe I live in the greatest city in the world!”

The best part about this province has to be the many cannons around the old city and the spectacular walled fortress that still stands. A short walk around the area of the Chateau Frontenac is all you need to spot more then 100 cannons that were actually used in the wars. They are still sitting in the original places between old parts of the brick walls, looking over the water and guarding the city.

Weddings in Quebec City

 Before anyone leaves this beautiful city, you must attend at least one church service and try to attend a French wedding while you are there. Some of the churches in town are more then 300 years old and they are amazing backdrops for the most beautiful of life’s celebrations. Whether you attend a wedding in a Quebec church that has been around for ages or you go to a newer church in the outskirts of town with views of the St. Lawrence River and the downtown area, these memories will stick with you forever and leave you wanting to come back again.

“We chose Quebec City because we have lived here all our lives and have attended many traditional Quebec weddings and wanted to experience what it felt like to actually be that couple getting married, and oh boy were we ever right. It was truly magnificent.,” Marie-Therese Bawolak and Jean-Michel Levesque, a newly married couple explained.

The best part about weddings in Quebec is that the party never ends. Once the dinner is over, you can get your dancing shoes on and dance the night away with the beauty of the city in your memory forever.