Young living forever in Mississauga


Cruising down Burnhamthorpe Road in a black Honda Accord, Jahlaine Reid, 23, an aspiring stylist, sits reminiscing about his old neighbourhood, Ridgeway Drive, Mississauga, “I’m trying to leave the drama behind, live life and keep things close. It’s all about elevation,” he says in a humble tone. “We’re going to see my brother, he’s just been rapping.”

Reid and his older brother, Chayne Reid, aka Crizzy Santaiga, a former Sheridan business student, live in Mississauga where they work together on their respective projects. Jahlaine on his clothing line YLF (Young Living Forever) and Chayne on his music.

Pulling into the parking lot in downtown Mississauga, it’s time to meet the older brother and business partner.

Chayne Reid walks into the conference room they’ve situated inside the lobby. Louis Vuitton shoes, dark jeans, sunglasses and copious amounts of gold jewelry. “Our style brought us to fashion. We were always styling,” he said.

Jahlain’s clothing line is in the beginning stages and he plans to incorporate high fashion with today’s young party scene.

“I’m trying to capture the young lifestyle of living, kind of like the party life, the kids who are into going out and showing off their outfits. I’m trying to bring out the inner stylist in everybody.”

Reid’s personal style incorporates leather and black items with colourful shoes. Rob Garcia, the creator of En Noir, a famous designer who is fond of leather pieces, influenced Reid.

“People’s first option wouldn’t be to put leather in an outfit, I’m trying to bring that stuff back and make it more common. Things like sweaters with leather on them, or snakeskin. It’s going to be tops mostly. I’m trying to bring skins, and different types of floral patterns into my line,” he said.

The Reid brothers have always been interested in fashion, being known as trendsetters and fashionable while growing up. Chayne Reid brings this into his music; his group is called Fly Boy Regime, a part of Fitted Entertainment.


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Left: Jahlain Reid.  Right: Shayne Reid aka Crizzy Santaiga.

Left: Jahlaine Reid.
Right: Chayne Reid aka Crizzy Santaiga.

Crizzy Santaiga has been in the local rap game for a few years, playing shows in the Toronto area while finishing his latest mixtape, True Religion Therapy. Reid’s production is strangely poppy, giving the gritty subject matter of his songs a sweet tinge.

“I was involved in a lot of street activities back then and now I’m not. It’s just elevation, sharing my experiences.”

Growing up in rough neighbourhoods and succeeding play a prominent role in his songs.

They look to each other for advice and criticism, both working together on separate projects, the stylist and the hip-hop artist, recognizing the intrinsic relationship between fashion and hip-hop.

“Everyone wants a visual. People will listen if they see a visual, artists will brand your fashion. Looking good makes you feel good. Makes you perform well. Fashion is straight incorporated into hip-hop.”

Without each other, the Reid brothers agree they wouldn’t be able to accomplish any of these goals. “We are everything to each other, good and bad. No secrets. This is my life partner. My business is my family.”

Check out Jahlaine Reid’s instagram at: Twitter: @JahFNO
Check out Crizzy Santaiga’s music at: Twitter: @SantagiaFBRFNO