Garbage, through a different lens


Have you ever wondered what happens to Sheridan’s garbage? Well, Sheridan College is hosting a presentation to help students answer that question and to keep the campus green.

Andrew Nisker, an activist and a Canadian documentary filmmaker, believes in sustainability. He defines it as the act to make a difference and to help rather than harm the environment. Nisker will be spreading that message at all of Sheridan campuses from Jan. 21-23.

“The environment is an ecosystem, where everything works in harmony,” Nisker said. “It resembles a lifecycle, a unique balance and that is how we should aim to keep it as.”

Nisker, a graduate from York University who produced “Garbage: The Revolution Starts at Home,” has been going around to campuses to talk to students about sustainability for a long time.

“It is very informative. You can also take the knowledge you have gathered in school and apply it to the information to take away from this event to create something new and spectacular,” said Yashpreet Parmar, 24, events manager at Enactus Sheridan.

The college is known for its leadership when it comes to looking after the environment,  putting on events to educate and help students keep the campus ‘green’ and think about ways to change how things are to make it a better place.

“I would say that the campus is quite well-organized in terms of information and practical resources within the school,” said Alastair Sinclair,20, a student in the Media Arts program at the Trafalgar Campus. “I personally think that my generation isn’t fully aware on the long term affect their actions have. I think it is an important subject to keep at the forefront of social priorities, on both a global scale and local scale.”

“We all know we have used so many resources, especially in the last two decades, which has damaged the environment,” Fahad Khan said, 25, a student in the Business Administrative program at the Davis Campus. “It is good to see that people and organizations are putting more emphasis on the sustainability and are trying to be more environmentally friendly.”

Nisker plans to spend the evening to show students how they can make a difference by recycling rather than buying more garbage cans.

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