Does the bookstore allow students to carry their bags or not?

First year Art Fundamentals student, Jacqueline Geldart,   leaves her bag at the designated area at the bookstore.

First year Art Fundamentals student, Jacqueline Geldart, leaves her bag at the designated area at the bookstore.


The signs at the Sheridan bookstore bag drop may be confusing student shoppers.

The front of the college’s bookstore is only manned by security the first week of September when the traffic is at its highest.

But it is required that all student bags be left at the front door when entering regardless.

But there are exceptions.

“The bookstore requests that all backpacks and art portfolios be left at the book drop that is situated at the front of the store. Purses and laptops in backpacks are allowed in stores,” said Jane Lesage, Trafalgar bookstore manager.

What many students don’t know is that taking a bag into the store with a laptop inside is allowed by bookstore policy.

“I wasn’t aware of it at all. And what’s with security telling us to leave them at the front. Seems like a big miscommunication,” said Matthew Leclair, 19, who is in his first year of Media Arts.

It is not mentioned on the signs that sit on the shelves where students are to place their bags when entering the store.

“I say it should be maybe written somewhere just so people know. Possibly put a sign at the window, or just a little one on top of the bag racks,” said 20-year-old Alexandra Neziroski, a first year Visual and Creative Arts student in a Skype interview.

Some students who are unaware of the bag drop policy feel uncomfortable leaving their personal belongings at the front because of the possibility of theft.

“I’ve been at Sheridan for four years now and I have never felt safe with keeping my bags at the front,” said Krista-Marie Porter, 21, third year animation.

For some, the fact that it is not advertised comes as no surprise.

“I feel that regardless of content they still don’t want people to bring in their bags,” said Xin Zhang, 20, first year Media Arts student. “If you think about it, it makes sense. To them, it would lower the chances of theft of items in the store, and if the students’ bag was to get stolen they wouldn’t really be held accountable.”

If a bag is stolen or lost from the bookstore the student may go to the security desk and make a report, but if the bag contains valuable items such as a laptop you need to make a police report, said Sheridan security staff.