Embrace your inner foodie with Sheridan Eats


We know how you feel – you’ve been to every pub night, maxed out your entire $50 Tim card that you got in your Christmas stocking and have had one too many Coors Light and wings combo at Monaghan’s and are searching for something a little more sophisticated. You can’t afford a filet mignon dinner at The Keg and are also craving something that you haven’t had dozens of time before. Sheridan Eats, Sheridan College’s first and only food blog, is here to help you find those “diamonds in the rough” near campus where you can find a darn good meal.

The ladies behind Sheridan Eats will be bringing you the latest and greatest restaurant reviews, profiles on local eateries and photos of every delicious menu item.

So far, we’ve sampled delectable sweet potato and wild boar ravioli at 7 Enoteca that is so rich it melts off of the fork. We feasted on Harper’s Landing‘s fresh take on the Margherita pizza, which uses fresh arugula sprouts instead of basil. We cleansed our palettes with D Hot Shoppe‘s supremely spicy Caribbean roti. Our mission to find fresh and tasty local food is still continuing – we won’t rest ’til we’ve visited every eatery!

Now, let’s talk food!

We want to know who you think has the best meal in the GTA. Comment below with the name of your favourite restaurant!

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