Sheridan hits a home-run and awards athletic therapy students


Sheridan and the Blue Jays recognized two Athletic Therapy students, awarding them the Dr. Ron Taylor award and the Blue Jays award at the Rogers Centre before hosting the Tampa Bay Rays.

“It feels amazing,” said fourth-year Athletic Therapy student Tommy Kratky – a word and theme he repeatedly used after being presented the Blue Jays award on the field before the game started.

Jason Amadio smiles with Dr. Ron Taylor and George Poulis after winning award.

Jason Amadio smiles with Dr. Ron Taylor and George Poulis after winning award.

Kratky interned with the Toronto Blue Jays this during the summer. He interviewed for the position at last year’s award ceremony with six other Sheridan students and was picked for the opportunity.

“It’s been unbelievable. Everyone is super welcoming. I learned so much from George Poulis (head athletic trainer), the training staff, and the front office staff.”

Sports orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Jason Smith, who does work with the Jays, awarded Kratky.

Fourth-year Athletic Therapy student Jason Amadio received the Dr. Ron Taylor Award from Taylor himself.

“It’s a big honour for me. I’m excited for this, just to be recognized for someone who played in the majors, won two World Series, and is a doctor himself,” said Amadio.

Taylor, 76, is a Toronto native who played for the 1964 St. Louis Cardinals, winning his first World Series as well as pitching for the 1969 “Miracle” New York Mets and won his second World Series. He retired after his second title and went back to school to become a surgeon and is team physician for the Jays.

“It was definitely a one-time experience that can never be replicated. I’m still trying to soak it all in,” said Amadio.

He received the award based on his combination of academics, leadership skills, and his involvement with the community from the entire span in the athletic therapy program.

Sheridan president Jeff Zabudsky and Athletic Therapy program coordinator Paul Brisbois were in also on the field.

“This is always a special day for Sheridan because it marks one of our premier partnerships and relationships,” said Zabudsky. “It’s been close to 25 years that we’ve had this relationship with the Toronto Blue Jays and it’s an exciting day for the students being honoured, but also a nervous day for the rest of the students interviewing for the same opportunity. It marks the quality of this program which is acknowledged across Canada as on of the best.”

Brisbois has seen the awards ceremony from both sides.

“It’s very cool to be on this side of the award instead of getting the award and it’s exciting for me to see these students get the same opportunity that I did and do some great things with athletic therapy,” said Brisbois.

Dr. Jason Smith shines up the Blue Jays Award before handing it to Tommy Kratky

Dr. Jason Smith shines up the Blue Jays Award before handing it to Tommy Kratky

Brisbois is former Sheridan graduate of the Athletic Therapy program and had the same opportunity as Kratky to work with the Jays. He received the Blue Jays Award in 2003.


“The biggest thing is that you work hard and you do what your suppose to do things will work out for themselves. For me it did and I see a lot of promise with these two.”

For both Sheridan and the Blue Jays it was a successful day. The Jays ended up winning 6-3 against Tampa Bay.


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