Sheridan advances to National Championship gold medal game

Courtesy of Sheridan Bruins.

Photo courtesy of the Sheridan Bruins.


In a day governed by penalties, host team Sheridan stunned CEGEP Garneau Elans in a rainy, heart-pounding thriller that saw the Bruins advance to the national championship after coming ahead on penalties 5-4.

Garneau controlled the ball for most of the first half, demonstrating a tightly controlled plan of attack. Their positioning was picturesque, with a collection of double-team defensive maneuvers that allowed them to effectively transition offensively.


It paid off in the 22nd minute when Sheridan’s goalkeeper slid out of his net to challenge a potential breakaway. After making contact with the Garneau forward, the referee awarded a penalty kick, which was buried just inside the right post by Garneau’s Jason Nadeau-Bolduc.

As the home crowd encouraged its players with a series of “Let’s go, Bruins” chants, Sheridan began to improve their pace and responsibility with the ball.

In the 36th minute, Sheridan goalkeeper, Daniel Voci, made an adrenaline-pumping diving save off a Garneau breakaway to keep his team in it.

The second half displayed a livelier Bruins squad and a varied plan of attack that had Garneau on its heels.

It wasn’t until the 82nd minute that the crowd erupted after Raheem Edwards netted Sheridan’s first goal of the game with a composed rush that ended with a blast past a sprawling Garneau keeper.

Deadlocked at 1-1, the game went to penalty kicks, with each of the first four shooters on both teams converting from the spot.

Garneau was heartbroken after Sheridan’s keeper made a fantastic save on their fifth shot. After a conversion by Bruins defender Tarik Robertson, the win for Sheridan was sealed.

Player of the game awards were given to both team’s goalkeepers: Garneau’s Antoine Pouliot and Sheridan’s Daniel Voci.

Sheridan will play in the gold medal game, Saturday at 1 p.m.