Sheridan stuns Douglas College in Nationals opener


In an atmosphere throbbing with excitement, seventh-seeded host team Sheridan College defeated second-seeded Douglas College in a thrilling 3-0 shocker.

The game started slowly, with a goalless first half that saw only a few real chances on net for both teams. Ball movement between the squads was exceptional, and both teams played as if it was no tomorrow.

The second half saw a sharper Douglas attack, while Sheridan’s play borderlined lackadaisical. Some sloppy ball movement and glaring giveaways allowed Douglas to push the pace of the game.

However, it was Sheridan who scored first off a penalty kick awarded after an aggressive tackle to Molham Babouli. Velastegui stepped to the line and blasted a goal past a diving Douglas goalkeeper.

In the 59th minute, Douglas was awarded a free kick a mere two feet from Sheridan’s 18-yard box, which was sailed just over the crossbar.

The ensuing counterattack from Sheridan permitted a second goal by Raheem Edwards to secure a 2-0 lead over the favourites. The home crowd was electric.

Another goal in the 87th minute by Molham Babouli finalized Sheridan’s berth to the Championship semi-finals against Garneau, tomorrow at 5:30 p.m.

Players of the game included Douglas’s Simrin Rattenpal as well as Sheridan’s captain, David Velastegui.