Save cheese with new student photography service


Students can get a professional photograph taken, right on campus.

Second-year Photography students Patrick Marcoux and Duncan Foy have launched a photography service at Sheridan.

We are offering portraits, family photos, fashion photos or business photos for anyone who wants photos done,” said Marcoux age 20.

They will even take pictures for Facebook profiles. With many students graduating every year this is an opportunity to capture some memories.

Sheridan ESL teacher, Mark O’Leary, was their first customer.

If someone needs professional pictures for whatever reason, they do a good job at a very reasonable price,” he said.

The prices vary, there’s post-processing and other things that are involved but roughly $50 each photo if you want it done in a studio,” said Marcoux. They use a studio on campus in the photography area.

This is a professional quality product for students at a lower price. Normally people would charge $80 to $100 for a photo, sometimes more,” said Foy age 24.

“We are experienced and have access to top-of-the-line equipment at a pretty affordable price,” said Foy.

Marcoux and Foy are willing to take it beyond just Sheridan and travel to a location you would like to take the pictures. They also help arrange makeup and wardrobe.

We offer a fashion package of five photos, $200 all retouched and edited,” said Marcoux.

They really paid a lot of attention to thinking of how the pictures would turn out. They did a lot of things with the lighting, they had clear ideas of the end product,” said O’Leary.

Marcoux admits they’re still learning, but “we want to help others.”

They haven’t yet decided on a name for their business. “We will being doing this the whole year and probably while we are at Sheridan for two and a half more years,” said Foy.

Students can contact Marcoux and Foy for more details via email; and


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