Holiday gift ideas for the struggling consumers



Joanne Thompson’s tree has the first present wrapped. Photo by Chelsea Hogg.

With the huge crowds, ridiculous lines and shortage in stock, it’s hard to find that perfect gift.

This year, new ideas and new worries stress the gift giving public

For anyone looking for gifts involving video games, sometimes the game itself isn’t what someone wants.

Gift buyer, Andrew Downes, 19 from Burlington ON says that he thinks that merchandise can be the perfect gift.

Downes will be buying for friends and family this year and has some gift ideas already thought of.

“I think merchandise from games and stuff make great gifts because what if they already have the game or it was bought by someone else?” said Downes.


Making gifts can also be a great option because it’s the thought that counts.

Matt Weston, 19 from Burlington ON plans on making the majority of the gifts he gives this year.

Weston plans on giving home made gifts to his friends this year instead of buying something in store.

“I feel like some gifts should come from your talents and hobbies because it adds that personal touch,” said Weston.

Downes agrees that sharing your talent with someone is the most thoughtful.

“Gifts you make, especially when you have a talent like drawing, painting or any creative interest, shares a part of you in the gift,” said Downes.

Bundle gifts or loot boxes are ideal gifts for those who just love a bunch of stuff.

Jongho Park, 19 from Oakville ON says putting together a box of multiple things shows how much you care as well as getting someone a little of everything.

Park says that his idea of a foolproof gift is an abundance of thoughtful things in a box such as candy, music and pictures.

“They offer the advantage of adding random things that they love to show just how much you know them,” said Park.

One of the most popular gifts these days is the gift of leisure.

Weston says that some people just want to be pampered for a day.

“Giving someone a night out, a day at the spa or special concert can be just what someone wants for the holidays,” said Weston.

Speaking of prepaid gifts, tis the season for gift cards.

Downes considers gift cards to be the gift that keeps on giving until the balance is 0.

“You have a lot more freedom with what people want because they can decide and then you won’t be stuck trying to figure it out,” said Downes.

Park agrees with the idea of giving the gift of choice for the holidays.

“Gift cards are the secret weapon of the gift giving world since some people are more difficult to shop for,” said Park.

Secret Santa events are even more difficult since you may have to buy for someone you know nearly nothing about.

“Gift cards, homemade and interest-based merchandise all play a part in making gift buying easier,” said Park.

This can ease the stress in buying for a stranger or a new acquaintance.

Friends and family can be very useful when wanting to buy a gift and keep it a secret.

“You could always ask their parents or best friends what they like since they probably know them the best to get good ideas,” said Downes.