New way to pay for food at Trafalgar


Student Kevin John Sacdalan paying for his meal at the new registers. Photo: Quin Vertolli/ Sheridan Sun


Chartwells has introduced a new centralized payment method at Trafalgar Campus at the beginning of this semester aiming to improve its efficiency.   

Using the new payment system, students will line up at cash registers in the middle of the cafeteria. In theory this will speed up wait times and free up kitchen staff.

Chartwells Food Service director, Rural Shroff, says that Sheridan isn’t the first college to see this new payment method. In fact it isn’t even the first Sheridan campus.

“Humber College, George Brown, UTM. Go to any campus in the city and it has the central cash system. It’s not new to Sheridan, it’s new to the Trafalgar Campus.”

The new payment method has seen great success at other campuses and colleges. It is expected to improve the cafeteria experience for students and faculty.

“Sheridan Brampton has already had central cash for the past four years and they have seen success,” Shroff said.

This new system has students waiting in two lines instead of one. Compared to the old system, where students were only required to wait in one. This change has many concerned with wait times.

 “Sometimes in the evening around dinner time, there is only two registers open and the lines are really long. It really sucks that there isn’t enough staff at times,” says Daniel Salas, a student in the Bachelor of Photography program. “As long as they keep the registers open for longer, it should work out.”


Students enjoying their food at the Marketplace at Sheridan College Trafalgar. Photo: Quin Vertolli/ Sheridan Sun

Jessica Hannigan a student in Bachelor of Illustration, thinks that the new system is working. “I like how it’s all in the middle. It took some getting used to, but I think I like this method more.”

Some, however, prefer other on-campus food options. The Sheridan Student Union offers three different restaurants that students on campus can take advantage of. “I like the student union options more. They feel more student grown and less commercialized,” says Hannigan.

Coming into the new school year, students were unaware of the changes in the cafeteria. “I wish they told everyone that the system was coming into place before. I just came to school and it was really confusing,” says Eve Krogman, a third year from the Bachelor of Film and Television program.

“Already I have had a some bad experiences with this system. When I was getting a combo at Thai Express I found out they changed the combos around so it doesn’t come with a drink. This was upsetting,” says Krogman.