Sheridan offers many ways to turn diploma into degree


Students in the Learning Commons at Sheridan Trafalgar Campus. (Photo by Kevin Sacdalan/Sheridan Sun)


Although Sheridan currently has no plans for any new joint programs with universities, lots of opportunities exist for turning a diploma into a degree.

Despite not having any joint programs under development, according to Dr. Mary Preece, Sheridan’s Provost and Vice-President Academic, “if new program ideas surface, that would serve our student populations and industry needs, we are always open to new ideas.”

Sherri Murray, coordinator of academic operations and pathways at Sheridan College, is responsible for the college’s academic pathways and joint program information.

“Sheridan has many programs that can transfer over into a university program for two years to complete their degree and in some cases less than two years,” Murray said.

Some students feel that having a degree is advantageous over having a diploma in terms of more job opportunities. Nathan Mallett, an instructor at Sheridan College, doesn’t necessarily believe that is the case.

“The ultimate test for the suitability of an employee is can they come in here and perform,” Mallett said. “It’s hands on and it’s perfect cause it’s what you’re going to do in the workplace,” Mallett said about the difference between college education from university education. “We can teach you skills in college and we do it very well.”

With the joint programs offered at Sheridan, students can have the best of both worlds with a college diploma, as well as a university degree.

“If you can marry the two together (college diploma and university degree), that would be ideal,” Mallett added.

Sheridan has a pathways website, outlining various pathways for which students can accomplish what they want to accomplish at the end of their post-secondary education. It includes student success stories, information for students who are interested in a transfer credit, and programs that are offered jointly with universities.

“Currently we have a Bachelor of Design program joint with York, a Communication, Culture, Information and Technology agreement with UTM where students can obtain an undergraduate bachelor of arts degree at UTM and a Certificate in Digital Communications from Sheridan, a Bachelor of Computing and Network Communications – Internet Communications Technology with Brock University and the Theatre and Drama studies joint program,” Murray said.