CEGEP Garneau edges NAIT in CCAA Bronze final


Photography by Sam Taskie / The Sheridan Sun


CEGEP Garneau Elans edged NAIT 3-2 in extra time to emerge as the Bronze final winners.

The rematch between the two sides was all too familiar for the Ooks, losing to the Elans for the second time in the tournament after experiencing a 6-0 blowout on Day 1.

Nerves seemed to be a factor at the start of the first half, which was littered with errant passes and over-compensating defense from both sides, although their overall positioning was textbook.


It took the entire first half for the first goal to be scored, coming in added time off a Garneau 3-on-1 constituted by precision passing that left NAIT’s defender and goalkeeper helpless.

The second half started with both squads emphasizing organization and responsibility with the ball.

NAIT seemed to have been revitalized as they exuded confidence in their attack, while Garneau’s possessions seemed more conservative.

Bronze12WEBIt wasn’t until the 69th minute that Garneau achieved its first tally, coming off a corner kick resulting in a header by Alexandre Larkin-Vachon that reached the back of NAIT’s net.

The game almost swayed in NAIT’s favour after they developed a fantastic chance in the area late in the second half, only to have their ambition thwarted by a sprawling Garneau goalkeeper who made a remarkable second-effort to swat the ball away from the goal line.

The game was to be decided in extra time, which displayed an explosion of offense initialized by Garneau’s goal in the 99th minute off a penalty kick. The Elans added to their lead with another tally in the 105th minute after converting off an NAIT giveaway inside the area.

Ooks slotted home a penalty kick in the 117th minute in an effort to keep the game alive, but ultimately fell short.

In a game where emotions ran high, six yellow cards and one red were handed out.

Players of the game were Garneau’s goalkeeper Antoine Pouliot and NAIT midfielder Bruno Zebie.