Artist of the week: Linda Yan


1. When did you start drawing?

My earliest memory of picking up a pencil was when I was scribbling all over my grandparent’s walls and my mom’s nice wool jacket. My grandpa would also give me calendars to deface and draw on the back of.

2. How would you describe the art you create?

Colourful and inconsistent (haha) – I get tired of styles and media easily, so it’s fun to experiment. Sometimes, I like to add super tiny details that you find in the image and/or my face.

3. Where do you get your inspiration from?

My main source of inspiration is my classmates. Everyone’s making something different and unique. It’s an exclusive all you can eat buffet of talent. Other inspirations are anime and candy packages.

4. Why did you choose Illustration?

To be honest, I didn’t really know what Illustration was when I applied. I heard good things about the Animation program in Sheridan College, and that it was very hard to get into. Since I knew I didn’t want to do animation, I said, “OK, there’s that other program. I think it’s OK? Ya, sure why not!” I got accepted into some other colleges, but I got the lowest mark on my entrance exam to Sheridan. My ego took a dive but my competitiveness said, “ Wow, this school has high standards! It must be intense or some thing!”

5. Where do you hope to work after school?

Chilling by my million dollar pool and fifty hot pool boys drawing stick figures for a million bucks. #Swag

Alternative answer: I don’t really know, to be honest. I’m open to pretty much everything everywhere. Hopefully somewhere warm doing freelance work that allows me to travel.

For more of my work: