Artist of the week: Rhiannon Lee


Name: Rhiannon Lee
Age: 20
Program: Illustration
Hometown: Thornhill


How would you describe the art that you create?

I guess my art could be describes as surreal, isolated and sketchy.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

My style was inspired by a bunch of artists, primarily artists from, such as Gabriel Iumazark. I really like the simplicity of his drawings. The way he stylizes his characters with detail while maintaining the simplicity of it is real nice. I also like Tim Burton, but now I’m mostly inspired by my surroundings and anything with a cool perspective.

Why did you choose illustration?

I chose illustration because it is a good outlet for creative expression, and my science marks weren’t that great.

Where do you hope to work after school? 

I would like to eventually start a business and take some commission work, that would be the best case scenario.